My father is really heavy into Jazz. My childhood is peppered with Latin jazz, and the fragrant smell of leather in our home. I remember listening to Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto bored stiff. I didn’t really understand how this music was shaping my taste until at the age of thirteen I discovered hip hop. It became a sort of lens for me to examine the rest of the musical world through, and the use of sampling became a fixation. I was always intrigued to hear how my favorite producers would take a dusty old snippet, flip it, and make it new again. My favorite sounds were always those familiar jazz rifts I heard at home. As an adult I began to seek out those records, rediscover the music I grew up with and expand my musical horizons. This mix is about a lot of things for me. I look at my musical taste and how it has changed throughout the years. I look at the partnering of my father and I to establish our bag company, Tucker & Bloom. To me it’s as much about the journey in life as where you are going, even if you can’t smell the leather all the time.-Case Bloom