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KDSML: KDSML is the avant-garde of the new guard, a bleeding edge DJ with the skills and experience to blow speakers and blow minds where ever he goes. Born in the U.K. But hailing from Nashville KDSML merges the British Isles love for electronic progressivism with the South’s love for the big, big bass tying them together with a turntablist’s fleet fingers and an ear-to-ear grin that’s as contagious as it is honest.With over fifteen years behind the tables and a family steeped in DJ culture like few others – his father wrote Babe Ruth’s “The Mexican” one of the most important breaks in hip hop history, while his brother is one of Music City’s most innovative producers of hip hop and electronic music – KDSML approach to production and performance is as natural as it gets. His cuts and scratches are technical but seamless often invisible in the scope of the greater mix, his track selections bold exciting find the precious middle ground between atmosphere and melody, song-structure and sound design. It’s a balance and precision that’s missing from an electronic music scene that’s forsaken it’s underground roots in favor of elaborate stage production and pop-remixes.
KDSML’s evolution is constant, spurred on by a live performance schedule that has seen him criss crossing country swapping ideas and energy with an international cadre of established acts and up-and-comer. From the epic Nocturnal Festival to the wilds of Camp Bisco to the chaos of Mindelixir’s Bass Church monthly, KDSML has been staging a quiet campaign to takeover contemporary electronic music one show at a time. From his first full-length album Secret Recipe to his Trapjaw series of mixtapes, KDSML has explored the depths of hip hop and electronic music’s overlapping aesthetics – it’s the bass, duh – gliding between the two and pushing the envelope of what dance music can and should be.

AMERIGO GAZAWAY: With the breakthrough release of 2011’s *Fela Soul*, Amerigo Gazaway’s sophomore effort was declared “a virtual web hit” (MTV) seemingly overnight. As the creator of one of the year’s most buzz-worthy independent releases, the 26 year-old Nashville native successfully showcased his unique ability to blend multiple genres into a singular dance floor groove. The son of renowned Jazz trumpeter, Gary
“El Buho” Gazaway, the producer’s culturally diverse upbringing is reflected in his nuanced, multilayered instrumental arrangements. With a process the LA Times describes as “drawing a different design within a similar framework”, Gazaway’s cleverly executed remix/mashup projects gives audiences a familiar, yet fresh and distinct way to experience their favorite songs.

The producer’s first full-length instrumental album, *Selective Hearing Vol. 1*, was released in 2010 on the Cold Busted label founded by veteran dance DJ, Vitamin D. Charting on Beatport’s top selling Chill-Out sales chart, the album introduced listeners to Gazaway’s tasteful use of samples and unique knack for combining diverse sounds into something completely new and original.

In 2011, Roots’ drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson hit town with a per-announced DJ set at a local Nashville nightclub. Seeing the opportunity, Amerigo posed as a photojournalist, gained access to the club’s backstage area and cleverly slipped Questlove a copy of his just finished Fela Kuti/De La Soul mashup fusion, *Fela Soul*. Thompson, an avid afrobeat/native tongues fan called the album “brilliant” and published it to his website, Okayplayer. Quickly spreading to other outlets, the album made MTV Hive, The Source and BoingBoing before taking top 5 rankings on both NPR and Soul Train’s year-end “Best of 2011” list.

On the one year anniversary of his *Fela Soul* release, Amerigo found success a second time with the recently released *Bizarre Tribe; A Quest To The Pharcyde*. In merging Pharcyde vocals over re-orchestrated A Tribe called Quest samples into an album Okayplayer calls “funky like your great-grandpas draws with a fish in it”, the album was downloaded over 30,000 times in its first two weeks of release.