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DJ Boogie Blind’s advanced skill at blending house, drum & bass, hip-hop, funk and dub step into party-perfect mixes is only rivaled by the list of international clubs and festivals where crowds rock out to his sets.

As he gears up to release a fresh collection of house and dub step mixes for digital distribution, Blind keeps his tour skills sharp deejaying for Coachella, SXSW, Redbull, and MTV as well as touring as the resident DJ for Pharoahe Monch and Lord Finesse.

The New York native, dubbed “International Boogie Blind” by the DJs of Beatminerz Radio, produces original music, tours the world year-round and lends his signature scratches to records for recording artists who require his expertise during the mixing process.

Blind, who was inspired by an uncle that deejayed during his childhood, eventually met and was taken under the wing of turntabalist legend Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. As part of the X-Men, Blind learned to execute the tricks and scratches that now leave lesser deejays scratching only their heads.

“My turntablist work is a big part of how I came up. I learned so much from Roc Raida about how to win DJ Battles. It was an honor to learn from the best. Now, I’m so blessed to be out rocking parties and festivals for big crowds. I’ve never had a complaint about my own versatility. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.”

It’s rare to find a DJ who can slay a crowd of Swedish club kids with the best in techno, zip off to Australia to lay the smack down for MTV Garage, rock the revelers at MTV’s Fashionably Loud then return to his NYC home and wow turnablist crowds with his award-winning scratch and battle talents. DJ Boogie Blind does all of that- and lives for every minute of it.

“I am literally living the dream that I had as a kid. Between my technical skill, my production work and my ability to rock a party with every type of music- there’s no limit to what is in store for me this year.”

Limits are clearly nothing to Boogie Blind, whom DJ Evil Dee describes as “a DJ who can literally make you like a record.” The Black Moon/ Duck Down Records legend admits: “the first time I saw Blind DJ at Brooklyn Bowl, he dropped a pop record I’d never heard before. I loved the way he mixed it. Come to find out it was Lady Gaga, who he made me an instant fan of.”